Naamkarann 14 November 2017, Written Update Of Full Episode: Neil and Avni forgive each other

Soumyata Chauhan
Naamkarann 14 November 2017, Written Update Of Full Episode: Vidyut vows to take revenge from Mehr aka Juhi

Neil (Zain Imam) asks DD to collect evidences against Vidyut. He recalls Avni’s (Aditi Rathore) words and gets disheartened. Avni tells Leela that she has hurt Neil. She says that she should not have called him incapable. Leela tells her that this time it’s Neil’s fault as he should not have scolded her in front of everyone.

Shweta comes and asks Neela if she spoke to Juhi. She asks her to give her some more time. Shweta says that they should bring a lie detector to expose Juhi. She says she is sure that she is lying about Mishti as Neil never got married to her. Leela tells her that pregnancy has nothing to do with marriage. She tells her that Neil has himself told her that he had a physical relationship with Juhi. Shweta gets upset.

Vidyut asks his servant to ask his lawyer to fix an appointment with his mom. He wonders if Mishti is his daughter or Neil’s. A flashback is shown. He sees Juhi at the market with Avni. Flashback ends. He decides to take revenge from Juhi aka Mehr.

Mishti refuses to play with Juhi. She asks her why doesn’t she want to play with her. She tells her that it’s because of her that Neil fought with Avni. Juhi promises her to bring about a patchup between Avni and Neil. Both Neil and Avni recall the incidents when they saved each other. They both realize their mistake and decide to apologize but then leave the thought as their egoes come in between.

Juhi goes and tells Neil that it was her who insisted to go to the market. She asks him to forgive Avni. Neil tells him that he doesn’t want to discuss his personal matters with her and asks her not to worry.

Ragini tells Vidyut that Mehr is extremely cunning and they must keep a close eye on her. Vidyut assures her that he will take care of everything. Ragini tells him that she cannot trust him anymore as he could not do anything to keep Mishti with himself. He promises her that he will bring her out of the jail before sunrise and will also punish Mehr, Avni and Neil.

Avni sees Neil bathing in the garden and closes the tap. She steps on his dumble and loses her balance. He holds her in his arms. They share a romantic eye lock and apologize to each other. Avni tells him that he is very capable. He says that he should also have heard her side of the story before shouting on her. They both hug each other. ALSO READ: Naamkarann 13 November 2017, Written Update Of Full Episode: A helpless Neil releases Vidyut from the police custody