How Nabeel Ahmad Is Building An International Business Empire


Stepping into the corporate world to lay the foundation of your entrepreneurial success has become quite a daunting thought today. Whether you opt for online channels of business or a conventional localized method, you will likely find too many candidates trying to fit in an alley that has capacity for only a few. How to make room for yourself among that limited capacity was something I learnt in my meeting with Nabeel Ahmad, a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur who is well on his way to become a globally acclaimed businessman.

If there is one inspiration a reader should take from Nabeel’s story, it is to firmly accept that it is never too early to start. At the age of 18, when most people are preoccupied with heavily textual learning and contemporary teenage drama, Nabeel was busy in mind mapping the blueprint for his upcoming global business empire. To materialize the concepts in his mind, he turned to YouTube videos and then dedicated himself to online courses to fully comprehend how digital marketing works, and in a matter of weeks he became equipped enough to help businesses with their ad campaigns on social media, mainly Facebook. Soon after familiarizing himself with digital marketing and gaining enough experience as a result of managing Facebook pages, and increasing their outreach, Nabeel found a vocation to delve into the arena of media placements and PR.

When I questioned him about PR being exclusive to companies alone and not for individuals, Nabeel responded by saying that no force is stronger than a personal brand that backs you up. He said that the public image for entrepreneurs matters as much as their business’s image because clients go through great lengths to shortlist a suitable number of service providers for their work, and a balanced personal and professional image makes a great mix. Furthermore, the world will not take a new brand seriously if it does not find enough information about the individual who launched the product, and what inspired its release. Through the experience he gained after crafting hundreds of pitches for businesses and individuals, Nabeel says he has decoded the secrets to finding ways to get his clients placed on top publications. Attracting the attention of renowned journalists has a lot to do with strategy and planning, which includes figuring out the key points the journalist is looking for, in depth research, and wording your pitch according to their desired angles. He believes that journalistic story-telling is an art, and great art will always sell.

After learning about how thoroughly he conceptualized PR and marketing it became evident why Nabeel has been doing so well in the corporate world, but one question remains: how is he scaling his business empire to international levels? Is it enough to be a lone warrior with great ideas and execution to extend your potential beyond borders?

There certainly exists a chance that investing a significant amount of time and energy on your startup may lead to a response that can compel you to expand the horizons of your business, and for Nabeel the pathway to expansion lays in forming a brand image and setting up teams to assist him in his entrepreneurial ventures. Today, he runs a full-service digital agency by the name of Vertabyte, and owns a Public Relations agency known as The Influencer Factory. The origin of both these services stems from the reputation he has built with respectable members in the industry through extensive networking and winning over the trust of people. The reach of his agency’s media placements extends to Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and many such internationally renowned publications. Nabeel also recently announced the launch of BulletCoders, a software agency that will deliver technology solutions to enterprise-level clients.

By successfully building multiple successful businesses, Nabeel has positioned himself as a leading authority in marketing, public relations, and various other industries.

Moreover, his companies work in cohesion with each other because of their complementary nature. Nabeel’s dive into the world of PR and its importance was influenced by the limitations of digital marketing. He feels that a successful and complete online presence cannot be attained by simply pushing out your product on social media, and that it’s essential to build credibility using media placements. In our meeting, he pointed out that the status quo in the digital age is not exclusive to a few countries and startups, and now that he has an international foundation to build on he will continue to tap into his network and provide cutting-edge marketing and PR solutions to his clients worldwide. An entrepreneur should never exhaust the list of possibilities open, and as Nabeel recognizes the requirements of brands to create an image in the upcoming years, he intends to launch more services to cater to the international market and reach new heights.

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