Nach Baliye 9's BIGGEST FIGHT: Madhurima Tuli - Vishal Aditya Singh Come To Blows And Abuses; Vishal Bleeds, Production People Injured

Nach Baliye 9 rehearsal hall yesterday became an akhada. Volatile exes  Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh got into one of the ugliest fights that the TV industry has witnessed at work. A difference of opinion occured, says a source, and the next thing that one saw was that they both were almost clawing at each other.

"Choicest of expletives were given from both sides, ma-bahen ki gaaliyan thi saari ki saari. Both refused to stop when ordered by the production team," the source adds.

nach baliye 9

And then? The production guys had no choice but to physically intervene and pull them apart, but by this time Vishal Aditya Singh was bleeding.

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nach baliye 9

Obviously, a lot of time was wasted. The million-dollar question which I had raised about a month back ( READ BELOW) remains: Is Nach Baliye 9 trying to become Bigg Boss? Is it worth that a dance show is packed with people with animosity and allowed to become ugly? What is the solution? The TRPs are not up to expectations. Does Star Plus want the nauseating atmosphere to continue?

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nach baliye 9

For those who've come in late, both Vishal and Madhurima cannot stand each other from Day 1. They have also been vocal in the media about their conflicts.

When contacted, Madhurima Tuli's mother confirmed that things had got very ugly between Vishal and her daughter yesterday, but chose to not elaborate. "No police complaint has been filed," she added, before excusing herself out from any elaboration.

Stay on for more details on this terrible fiasco.

Image Source:- Instagram/vishaladityasingh_fc_s.k/

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