NachoNacho launches a SaaS marketplace for business to manage and buy software subscriptions

Ruchita Ushakola
·2-min read

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become a foundational cog in the operations of most businesses today. SaaS products have grown to prominence as they provide great value to adopters: these tools are quick to implement, facilitate easy onboarding, and enable greater scalability. In sum, SaaS can boost operational efficiency while making teams easier to manage.

Although SaaS is increasingly integral to businesses, finding the best products for your unique needs remains a challenge. This process usually involves research, with decisions ultimately made based on recommendations from one’s network, or online. While the latter is the more common route, there remains a lack of sites that meet this specific demand.

Businesses often rely on review sites such as Capterra and G2 to find product comparisons and understand how well products serve their users. In other cases, businesses navigate to marketplaces that traditionally offer an array of products, but may come with some strings attached. Enter NachoNacho.

NachoNacho recently launched a SaaS marketplace that helps businesses discover, purchase and manage software subscriptions. The NachoNacho marketplace is a one-stop-shop for B2B SaaS, offering a range of powerful products across all business functions. Each product listed in the marketplace offers significant cashback and rewards for NachoNacho users. All subscriptions are automatically added to a company-wide dashboard within NachoNacho’s subscription management platform, giving users consolidated control of all SaaS spending.

As the need to efficiently search, evaluate, and subscribe to SaaS products will continue to grow, NachoNacho aims to get ahead of the curve by pioneering a marketplace that will serve similarly to Amazon, for B2B SaaS products. Businesses searching for SaaS products can check out the marketplace at their convenience. SaaSvendors interested in being listed on NachoNacho’s B2B SaaS marketplace can learn more about how they, too, can be featured in a section that is best suited for their value proposition, business needs, and user base.