Nakkash Actor Inaamulhaq: 'There Is An Urgent Need For Films Encouraging Peace And Equality'- EXCLUSIVE

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Bollywood actor Ihaamulhaq, who played the character of Allah Rakha Siddiqui in the award winning film Nakkash is excited. The film, which was released in theaters in 2019 and made a mark in the critic circle, is streaming again on the OTT space.

Nakkash is a story of a Muslim artisan living in Banaras who makes idols in Hindu temples. On one hand, the people of his own community are angry and on the other hand, some fundamentalists are also eyeing him because of his work. This film warns people of the present socio-political scenario of India.

Talking to, Inaamulhaq said, "Being able to play the protagonist of a film that has a well-crafted character arc was itself a fascinating voyage and now that the film is releasing on several leading platforms, I consider myself fortunate that the mass audiences will be able to see my performance that holds the weight to change the world-view. In today’s times, there is an urgent need for such films that share the message of peace and equality. If our film can change the mindset of at least a single being, we will consider our endeavour a success. The beauty of our country lies in the innumerable flavour that it holds, and I can assure that this film has the same flavours that surround us and will have a special place in the heart of the audience."


The film is directed by journalist turned filmmaker Zaigham Imam who also told us, "We made a movie for the masses. Now that the movie is being shown on the major streaming platforms, we are extremely excited for their responses. Since the movie reflects on the ongoing havoc that has disrupted our society and shows that the true perpetrators of all this hatred are the ones among us, it’ll be fascinating to see how the movie will be able to remould the way of thinking of the mass audience. We received a lot of praise for the portrayal of the character ‘Allah Rakha’ earlier when the movie was running in theatres; hoping we will be able to recreate the same fondness and attachment for the characters to the masses."

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