Naman Singh Panwar: The What’s and How’s of His Life, Directly From A Professional Entrepreneur

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People have seen days and people have seen professionals but there are very few of those who come forward with their storeys and share their secrets to becoming a successful person. Most believe that by sharing our Storey, we are making ourselves vulnerable by showcasing our personality. It is the belief of Naman Singh Panwar That unless and until we are capable of spreading awareness and sharing advice, we can never be truly successful. What use do we derive from a career if we are not helping out others to rise with our wisdom?

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Q. Have you always thought of becoming a blogger/Entrepreneur as a child?

Naman Singh Panwar: If I am being completely honest, I never thought that I would be standing here one day. I was a game addict and I just could not think of anything other than playing games. But that is not entirely correct since games have taught me to take up challenges and make sure that I complete my missions. I took up a few other hobbies also like joining for martial arts and learning karate, even winning a black belt. When I look back at those days, I remembered thinking that how am I going to make money out of this? Why would I do something that is not going to benefit me in any financial or psychological way? I think every young person should be questioning themselves once in a while so that they have a clear idea about where they are in life and where they would like to be in the future. Our circumstances in the present day affect where we will stand in the future. Henceforth, I decided to begin blogging. I admit I was a little frustrated when I found out that it is going to take a lot of time for me to build my career, as time passed by I came in terms with my fate. The understanding that I will be successful one day if I keep continuing to work hard was enough to calm my nerves.

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Q. Have you taken the help of social media to stretch out your blog reach?

Naman Singh Panwar: I have tried using social media but not because I wanted to, but because I had to. In life, we do certain things not out of our own will because they prove to be advantages. Social media is something so digital and unreal that I do not admire the use it for such purposes. I am a firm believer of real-life and I like to function things that way. There is bliss in finding new ways to do things on a regular basis come up be it blogging or be it any other field of specialization. But one thing is certain, for the best results one needs to put in there all, the best of efforts and most of their time. A little social media once in a while never hurt anybody.

Q. What is the driving force that keeps you motivated?

Naman Singh Panwar: A lot of things motivate me and my mother is at the top of the list. According to me , she is the lunch who put so many dreams in my eyes and now I can’t see anything except myself being successful. Another big motivating factor is the life that I have lived as a child. It was so full of things, games and wonderful people, hobbies, interesting subjects. I am used to being around sophisticated things from learning things, how will I carry on the rest of my life without being in touch with the present world? I knew that I have to do something big so that I can continue the kind of lifestyle that not only benefits me but also the people around me. I am not afraid of challenges, challenges inspire me all the more. Peoples are trying best for their future and doing lots of best work but if you want to be Naman Singh Panwar then I present for all of you Gleeq.

Q. What is your mantra to Success?

Naman Singh Panwar: There is no particular mantra to success, you do your thing and every person does their thing differently. But there is one quality that each and every individual must possess and that is the capability to be the best version of themselves. Even if you are doing something common like selling clothes, make sure that you are the best businessmen in the area. I followed this word to word, when I was a child I used to play games like there is no tomorrow, I learned karate like I am the only martial arts learner and now I am blogging like there is no other website present. It is a journey, a process, do not worry about the destination - you will reach it once you are deserving.