Say Bye-Bye Logic and Alvida Good Cinema with ‘Namaste England’

In its defence one can say Namaste England gets one thing right for sure . It correctly diagnoses the “dukhti rag”, the vulnerable point of a true blue pind da punjabi and spins a story around it.

According to the makers, the strongly held belief that the need to leave the gaon ki zameen, ghar parivaar and always-ready-for-a-peg-and-bhangda friends in order to move to greener pastures for a better standard of living makes every Punjabi very emotional.

So, the resident villain of Namaste England, a character otherwise so inconsequential that you might not even remember his name, utters the worst kind of dhamki - “Maine tera visa lagne hi nahi dena”.

This singular line causes the maximum upheaval, the most destruction and a lot of pain and inconvenience to the main leads.

What is life without a visa?

That’s what Param and Jasmeet are all set to find out. One decides to marry for a green card while the other illegally enters Bangladesh to illegally enter England.

Namaste England in short is bye-bye logic and RIP good cinema!

For Param (Arjun Kapoor), it’s love at first sight of Jasmeet’s (Parineeti Chopra) left ear! We just get a good glimpse of her dangling earrings and a faltering aashiq announcing to his friends that “pyaar ho gaya”.

Before you can thank him for the heads-up some ten dress changes and twenty location changes happen to dazzle us and three songs later we get to know that Jasmeet wants to be a jewellery designer.

But her dadaji and veer ji are more old fashioned than the dadajis and veer jis of the 1930s. So what does poor Jasmeet do ? She gets married to Param. She even says “meri jeene ki ek hi wajah hai- ki mera husband understanding ho”.

The understanding husband and wannabe jewellery designer wife after shaadi, pine for a visa - by hook or by crook.

They eventually manage to make it to the fair shores of England, only want to come back to their pind ! Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra make it all the more memorable by giving us their career’s worst performances but that’s only in keeping with the scope that this miserable film offers them.

Director Vipul Amrutlal shah is relentless in his pursuit of mediocrity. As for us, the unsuspecting janta, there is no escape route ! Stay away I say !

Quarter quint.

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