Namish Taneja's Fan Spray Paints His Photo On Her House Wall In Russia; Actor Says, 'I Want To Go And Hug Her'- EXCLUSIVE

Fans often surprise their favourite actors by doing something extremely special for them and something similar has happened with Vidya actor Namish Taneja. One of his fans has dedicated a wall in her house to the man by spray painting his picture on it. A fan named Leylushka has painted Namish's portrait on her house wall in Russia. 

Well, obviously the actor is touched with her gesture and talking to us exclusively about it, Namish tells us what he wants to give her in return as a token of love.

Namish Taneja said, "My fans, who are now my extended family, never cease to amaze me. Every now and then, they do something which leaves me spellbound. Recently, one of the members of my extended family Leyla, who is an adherent fan of my last show 'Vidya' gave me a pleasant surprise. She painted this beautiful portrait of mine on the wall in her hometown in Russia. I felt completely overwhelmed and delighted, when I saw the painting. I wish I could visit her to give her a hug to express my gratitude, but since it seems impossible right now, I am sending a virtual hug to her."

Namish started his career with Ekk Nayi Pehchan and became a household name by playing Lakshya Maheshwari in Swaragini-Jodein Rishton Ka Sur. Since then the actor enjoys immense fan-following in India and abroad and the gesture of Leyluskha is proof of that. The actor,'s show Vidya was taken off-air abruptly due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in India in March 2020. Later, it was announced that the show will not be brought back, giving the show an abrupt ending.

Image Source:- instagram /tanejanamish

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