Namita Das, The Author of 'It's Punny Oops, I Mean Funny!' is Emerging on the Indian Literary Horizon

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Written in the same sub-genre as Twinkle Khanna’s Mrs. Funnybones, 'It's Punny Oops, I mean Funny!' is Namita’s series of anecdotal shorties that relate the story of Anu, an aspiring author, Mr. Husband (her husband, of course!) and Mr. Tots (their adorable little toddler). With her words, Namita seems to have found instant resonance with the young and savvy urban couples. The young author, who also blogs and appears on social media using the catchy handle of ‘pen_it_rather_key_it_,’ is gradually working her way into the bookshelves and Kindles of avid readers.

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Humor is Namita's weapon of choice and it is one that she wields wisely - neither going over-the-top with it nor resorting to abject crassness, for her style is to use clean situational comedy. With her finger right on the pulse of the average reader, she uses simple, free-flowing language, side-stepping the urge to use flowery words taking up several centimeters. What's more, the characters in her episodic narrative appear to have been pulled out of life and dusted with light literary strokes to ensure that they connect instantly with the readers.

Mumbai-based Namita Das started her career as a software analyst and counts biggies like Infosys, Accenture, and J.P. Morgan Chase among her employers. However, selecting the option of full-time motherhood, this techie became a stay-at-home mom. The coronavirus pandemic and worldwide lockdown followed soon. According to Namita, she owes the spurt in her literary outpourings to these twin occurrences.

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“Writing is something that comes very naturally to me.But it requires time. Time to think, time to string words together, time to pen down a thought before it melts away. And COVID-19 gave me the gift of time.”

Upon being prodded as to why she wanted to write a book, Namita was candid about her motivation.

“Well, I wanted to stay alive even after I was gone, and the best way to ensure that was in the form of my humorous writings,making people smile even when I am not around.”

When asked about her source of inspiration behind 'It's Punny Oops, I mean Funny!' Namita has no confusion.

“It’s Mr. Husband and Mr. Tots, without a doubt. Both of them create humor in our lives with such spontaneity that it became impossible for me to not write about them! Besides, humor is a genre that we all need regular little doses of. After all, a good laugh cures much.”

And what sets her apart from others writing in this genre?

“Everyone’s point of view is unique. What I experience is unique, and then how I interpret, analyze and interpret it is unique, too. Clearly, each one of us, whether or not into writing, can set himself or herself apart just by staying true to their own selves!”

Given her wholesome experience with motherhood, Namita’s word-wizardry is also spilling into the realm of children’s literature. Stay tuned for her upcoming kid-lit book and much more from this promising young author.