Nasser Al-Kaabi - The horse racing influencer elevating the level of the race

Horse racing is considered to be one of the elite sports, which includes the participation of some world class jockeys which has been run at Goodwood for over 200 years.

Nasser Al-Kaabi is of the elite horse racing influencers and media commentators in the middle east. He is the CEO of the most prestigious Qatar horse racing club (QREC). He has given a completely new explication to the horse racing and is elevating it's level by making it even more recognizable across the globe. This sport was being sponsored by some renowned brands like ExxonMobil, Shell and Longines. They have won at the Royal Ascot which was an non peril experience for them to play as a new comer. He was interviewed by some renowned publications like Forbes, CNN, and some of the leading middle east publications. His popularity leading him and his team towards the rising presence and high-ranking partnerships in the world of horseracing.

They are hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and every year they have international tennis and golf tournaments. He has been associated with the best jockeys like Frankie Dettori. His major goals is to turn Qatar into a major horseracing global phenomenon because of it's vast scope.

This man is leaving no stone unturned and proving his work at every stage by having the only intention to make Qatar as one of the leading players in horseracing in the world. For his future plans we wish him Good Luck.