National Award-winning singer Shashaa Tirupati: Nothing wrong with recreations if done tastefully

Kshitij Rawat
Sashaa Tirupati interview

Sashaa Tirupati has crooned songs in an incredible 13 languages. (Photo: Sashaa Tirupati/Facebook)

National Award-winning singer Shashaa Tirupati did a Facebook Live from Indian Express' page on Sunday afternoon. An Indo-Canadian, Shashaa has crooned songs in an incredible 13 languages, including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Konkani, Arabic and English. She answered questions on working in various music industries and also discussed the 'recreating' trend of Bollywood.

"I don't think language should confine music, you know. I think that's the beauty of music. There are so many songs we sing that are dubbed into five or six languages. I think there is a reason behind that. Music touches people and reaches out to many people from different regions."

While answering a question regarding the recent Bollywood trend of recreating old songs, Shashaa, who lent her voice to "Humma Humma" from Ok Jaanu, a reprise of a track from Mani Ratnam's film Bombay, said she is not adverse to the trend, provided the soul of the song is not messed with.

"I have done a lot of covers. I think what a cover does is that it gives us musicians... we resonate with a lot of songs. We love a lot of songs. And we just want to do our versions of it. We wanna sing it, we wanna express it. You know, there is so much inside. I think in a way doing covers is important to us. But without assaulting a song. Without messing around its soul," Shashaa said.

She added, "When it comes to recreations, if it is done tastefully, there is nothing wrong with it. A lot of youngsters haven't heard the songs that are being recreated. So I think that's one way for them to go back and discover the original song. I think good recreations help old music from dying out."