National Boss Day: 10 Bollywood Songs that perfectly convey your feelings about your employer

A day dedicated for our Boss? Yes. It is officially National Boss Day. You can go ahead and wish your employer for providing you with a source of bread and butter, or simply roll your eyes if things are sour. But remember, you get paid for whatever you do.

The rapport between an employer and employee goes through a strainer of emotions. There's friendship, respect, jealousy and even anger that resonates between the two. But is it that simple to convey how you feel without the sword of getting fired held at the nape of your neck? Bollywood is at your rescue.

Any workplace includes all shades of drama. From a person being hired to chunked out, appraisals to deductions, promotions, demotions and what not; speaking your heart out in any of these instances is suicidal. So here are some Bollywood songs with the most apt lyrics you can send to your Boss, and tell them how you feel. (P.S. try it at your own risk).

1. When you're hired after three rounds of interviews.

Song: Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai

2. When your Boss tells you what they expect from you after joining the team.

Song: Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai

3. When you want to be in your Boss' good books so you keeping knocking their cabin for the silliest things.

Song: Mana Janab Ne Pukara Nahi

4. When you and your Boss are in the same lift at the same time.

Song: Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

5. When your Boss gives you an appraisal after appreciating your work.

Song: Tu Tu Hai Wahi

6. When tour Boss gives you an assignment, even though you have been piled up with many already.

Song: Nahi Nahi Abhi NahiWhen Your Boss Asks You to Come Inside His or Her Cabin ASAP!

7. When your Boss call you to meet in their cabin immediately.

Song: Dhak Dhak Karne Laga

8. When your Boss finds mistakes in your work that you completely overlooked.

Song: Ye Kya Hua Kaise Hua

9. When you're not given the appraisal you were promised.

Song: Kya Hua Tera Wada

10. When you're fired.

Song: Tadap Tadap Ke

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