National Handloom Day 2020: 7 Exquisite Handloom Sarees For Each Day Of The Week

Devika Tripathi
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You would notice how easier and more productive it is to fall in love with handlooms, if for a week in 365 days, you wear handloom outfits. Handloom outfits not only make you look a class apart but with handloom attire, you can indirectly help weavers. You can help designers, who are consistently working closely with the weavers and trying to make their financial conditions better. They are a number of designers and labels that are helping weavers and by working with weavers, these designers are also helping us have access to better outfits. Handloom ensembles can also help us reduce our dependence on fast fashion and handloom outfits literally have a longer shelf life. So, this National Handloom Day, we are going to focus on sarees. We have picked 7 sarees that you can wear on each day in a week, right from Monday to Sunday. We have also stated the reasons why you should pick that saree on that particular day and described the sarees.

On Monday: The Mustard Organza Silk Saree

This mustard-hued saree can make you feel alive and vibrant on Monday. Yes, Mondays - the beginning of the week can be hard and the day is a lot about letting go of the lazy sleepy weekend. On Monday, we need to bounce back, lift our mood, and work hard, be it in any sphere of life. And if you are a saree enthusiast what better than a mustard yellow saree? A mix of lightweight organza and lustre of silk, this saree is ideal for your Monday mornings. The hand-embroidered poppy flowers can further enhance your mood.

On Tuesday: A Linen Zari Saree

Tuesdays are when we are all in a mood to work. There's no letting go of weekend chill on Tuesdays- actually, it is on Tuesdays when we are the most professional, as we have to carry forward the work of Monday. So, structured and comfortable linen sarees are perfect for the second day of the week. Linen sarees with zari work are even more awesome as they accentuate your professional look. This textured linen zari saree with weft stripes on the pallu is what you should add to your wardrobe and we even love the idea of a collared blue shirt blouse.

On Wednesday: Cream And Gold Kasavu Saree

On Wednesday, which is the middle of the week, let's face it we are a bit stressed out. After Tuesday's hard work, we tend to lighten up a bit on Wednesday and there's nothing better than a cream and gold Kasavu saree to complement your mood. A Kasavu saree is a celebratory saree usually and worn at weddings in Kerala. However, since Kasavu sarees aren't too elaborate and on the contrary, light in terms of work incorporated, you can wear it to work as well. You can colour-block your Kasavu saree with say green or maroon blouse or match it with a cream blouse, depending on your mood.

On Thursday: Cotton And Banana Fiber Pallu Saree

Now on Thursday, you have to get work done as Fridays, we all know, we anticipate and are excited about the weekend. So, on Thursday, unlike Wednesday, a vibrant saree with different colour palette would work. So, you can invest in a multi-hued saree on Thursday and if you would want unique fibers, this is the saree for you. This green, pink, and blue saree are crafted out of pure cotton and accentuated by eucalyptus yarn and banana fiber pallu. Such a saree won't only cheer you up but will also motivate you to flaunt your textiles.

Courtesy: Malaika Arora's Instagram

On Friday: A Patan Patola Saree

On Fridays also you can flaunt a vibrant saree but this time, instead of colours alone, opt for colourful designs. Fridays are when you can possibly have week-end meetings and events to attend, and for both occasions, you require a gorgeous saree. If it is a Friday with events and meetings on, we recommend a patan patola saree, which is bright and eye-catching but not in the embellished sense. You can either wear a contrasting blouse for a glam look or keep the blouse and jewellery light for an understated touch.

On Saturday: A Natural Dye Indigo Saree

We strongly recommend you to avoid synthetic dyes but natural dye-outfits can be absolutely donned. The natural dye sarees are particularly in trend and perfect for Saturdays. While we can't afford to have Monday blues, blues on Saturdays are normal. Saturdays are typically relaxing day and even if there is some work, it is mostly not cumbersome. Saturdays beckon us to opt for soothing hues and what's a better hue than a shade of blue in this regard. So, this beautiful indigo ombre linen hand-embroidered saree inspired from the crafts of Kutch and Bhagalpur is ideal for Saturday.

On Sunday: A Lightweight Mul Mul Saree

Light and relaxed, Sundays are when we want to drape a saree that is lightweight. On this day, which is mostly a holiday, we need a saree that we wouldn't want to wear on a normal working day. A saree that can be flowy and simple is ideal for Sundays. So, on Sunday, why don't you drape this mul organza saree? These sarees are soft and crisp and can make you feel calm and at ease. This Beliphul Dhutipaar saree is what you should definitely invest in.

So, this National Handloom Day, make it a saree weekend and also tell us which saree would you want to invest in?

Cover Image Courtesy: Label Sourav Das/ Malaika Arora's Instagram

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