National Mango Day 2021: History, Facts, Images and Quotes about the King of Fruits

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The major and most delicious component in our recipes, everyone’s first pick of fruit in the summer, is mango. It is unofficially the best thing about summers, and we even have a special day devoted to this wonderfully juicy fruit. Mango tops the list of our favourite fruits in the summer season. Most importantly, it can be savoured in various forms, be it mango smoothie, mango mousse, mango ice cream or mango pie. Hence, National Mango Day is observed on July 22 to honour this exquisite fruit and keep mangoes as the focus of the day.

National Mango Day: History

The origins and history of the day are unknown, although as previously said, mangoes have a long history. Mangoes were first grown in India around 5000 years ago. It is closely linked to Indian folklore and religious rites. A mango orchard was gifted to Buddha himself.

The word mango, as it is known in English and Spanish-speaking nations, is taken mostly from Malayam word ‘manna’, which the Portuguese accepted as manga when they arrived in Kerala in 1498 for the spice trade.

Due to the difficulties of transferring seeds, which only remain viable for a limited period, the tree was not introduced into the Western Hemisphere until around 1700, when it was planted in Brazil. It later entered the West Indies in around 1740.

National Mango Day: Quotes

I love mangoes and Gujarat has a tradition of Aamras. I did not have the luxury to buy mangoes in childhood. So, I used to eat mangoes in the field after plucking them directly from the trees. —- Prime Minister Narendra Modi

1) Who says mango is ordinary, mango is an extraordinary fruit.

Mango Day
Mango Day

2) Those who eat mangoes are not ordinary people, they would be special and cool and unmatched.

mango Day
mango Day

National Mango Day: Interesting facts about the king of fruits

1. Mangoes are cultivated in India at a rate of around 20 million tonnes per year.

2. In India, a basket full of mangoes is a kind gift.

3. Mango trees may reach heights of up to 100 feet above base.

4. Most mangoes marketed in the US are supplied from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Guatemala, and Haiti.

mango day
mango day

5. Other countries that have celebrations around the fruit include Canada, Jamaica, the Philippines, and the United States.

6. A mango serving size is comparable to 3/4 cup sliced fruit and has just 70 calories, making it a gratifyingly sweet treat.

7. Mangoes contain approximately 20 distinct vitamins and minerals, which contribute to its status as a superfood.

8. 3/4 cup mango has 50% of your daily vitamin C, 8% of your daily vitamin A, and 8% of your daily vitamin B6.

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