Natural ways to keep spiders out of your homes

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Natural ways to keep spiders out of your homes
Natural ways to keep spiders out of your homes

22 Jul 2021: Natural ways to keep spiders out of your homes

Spiders are not just unhygienic to have around, but they also spread diseases and are often times poisonous. Further, some variety of spiders are extremely dangerous, and are hard to get rid of. This article suggests natural and chemical-free ways to keep your homes free from the critters. Read on for details.

Vinegar: Vinegar spray works well due to its sour taste, odor

Vinegar is an organic pest control that works well to get rid of spiders owing to its sour taste and odor, which spiders are highly sensitive to. Mix equal portions of vinegar and water and store it in a spray bottle. Spritz the spray around your home. This not only helps in keeping away insects, but also paves the way to a cleaner home.

Mint: Mint leaves can also leave your house smelling fresh

Like vinegar, mint is a natural pest repellent as well. Mix a few drops of peppermint essential oil with water and store it in a bottle. Spraying this over your home will keep spiders away, and also leave your house smelling minty fresh. Alternatively, you can also plant mint leaves near your entryways to avoid bugs and spiders.

Citrus fruits: Placing citrus fruits in a bowl will wade away spiders

Citrus fruits do not just increase immunity, they are also a great remedy when it comes to keeping spiders and pests at bay. Place a bowl of citrus fruits on your dining table or kitchen to get rid of spiders. You can also rub citrus peels on windowsills and doorways to prevent bugs and pests from entering the home.

De-clutter: De-clutter and frequently dust your living spaces

Finally, cleanliness is the key when it comes to avoiding encroachment of our homes by bugs, pests and rodents. Clearing clutter and dusting keep the home neat, and also remove any hiding spots for spiders. Make it a point to occasionally dispose of and clean newspaper piles and other clutter-friendly objects, where the spiders can easily make their homes.

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