Naveen Pollishetty On The Blockbuster Success Of Jathi Ratnalu Despite COVID Restrictions-EXCLUSIVE

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Naveen Pollishetty the newest superstar of Telugu cinema who is currently in the US celebrating the staggering success of his comedy Jathi Ratnalu with his American fans, says he is not surprised by the success. “We were supposed to release this film in the summer of 2020. The only reason we waited so long and not opted for the OTT option, was because we had complete faith in our product.”

Naveen visited the cinemas in Hyderabad on the day of release and he couldn’t believe what he saw. “It was beyond anything we expected. At the theatres on an opening day, we couldn’t hear a word of the dialogues on screen. The audiences were that excited! They were dancing in even the multiplexes. They were laughing yelling It’s been years since we experienced such excitement for a film. Why should we watch films in theatres? Jathi Ratnalu has provided the answer to that.”

Jathi Ratnalu has changed Naveen’s life completely. "In the US it is the only Indian film to have grossed more than a million dollars despite only 25 percent theatre occupancy. In India the box office numbers are insane. It released with 7 other films. It still did 70 crores during pandemic times. To have your second feature film in Telugu create this kind of an impact is a dream come true.”

Image source: Instagram/naveen.polishetty, IMDb

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