Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Brother Shamas Opens Up About Aaliya's Allegations: It Is All False, Lies

Sanyukta Thakare
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Nawazuddin Siddiqui's estranged wife Aaliya, who now goes by her maternal name, Anjana Kishor Pandey has alleged that the actor was in touch with his other girlfriends while she was pregnant. Nawazuddin's brother Shamas who gave Aaliya the actor's phone bills, opened up about the allegations and said they are not true.

Shamas told ETimes, that all claims made by Aaliya are baseless and untrue. He added, "Nawazbhai was shooting for Gangs of Wasseypur then and I was not even there with him. It is all false, lies. How will I give my brother's bills to her? It is his personal number and I was not even living with him then." Aaliya had also stated that Shamas had told her to check the terrace, to expose the philandering ways of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Reacting to the same, Shamas stated, "Check out the terrace? In Mumbai who would go on terraces? Housing societies keep them locked! This is all untrue."

Shamas's Lawyer On Aaliya's Allegations

Reportedly, Shamas has filed four cases against his sister-in-law, Aaliya. Shamasuddin Siddiqui's lawyer Adnan Shaikh told ETimes, "This is not a lawless country. Courts are working but Aalia Siddiqui has not yet filed a single court case since months. Our client Shamsuddin Siddiqui is ready with all evidence. Using this evidence He has already filed cases of Extortion, Blackmail, Defamation & Fraud against her and these have been accepted by court."

Another Fraud Case Filed

There has also been a fraud case filed as Aaliya was the producer for Bollywood film Holy Cow. Adnan revealed that Indian Motion Pictures Producers' Association have also been involved.

He added, "IMPPA has also been informed about the issue of fraud and they have started their action with regards to the movie 'Holy Cow'. Aalia Siddiqui has also damaged Shamasji's Land Rover car and we have served her a notice for claim of damages as the driver was witness to this damage. Justice depends on evidence not Twitter posts therefore we have faith in the system."

Sister-In-Laws Asking For Public Apology

Nawazuddin Siddiqui's sisters-in-law have also filed cases against Aalia Siddiqui for defaming and maligning their husbands and have asked for a public apology.

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