ND Tiwari’s son murder case: Rohit Shekar’s wife Apoorva has confessed to the crime, says police

ND Tiwari with son Rohit Shekhar. (File Photo)

Officers from the special investigation team (SIT) of the Crime Branch, probing the death of ND Tiwari's son Rohit Shekhar Tiwari, arrested his wife Apoorva Shukla on charges of murder. Additional CP (crime) Rajiv Ranjan said Apoorva had confessed to the crime. Later, a Delhi court sent Apoorva to two-day police custody. She was sent to two-day police custody by a Delhi court.

"With the arrest of Apoorva Shukla Tiwari, the mystery around the murder of Rohit Shekhar Tiwari has been solved by the Crime Branch. On April 10, Tiwari with his mother, relatives and driver went to Uttarakhand to vote and returned on April 15. He was drinking all the way from Uttarakhand to Delhi with a female relative," said Additional CP (Crime) Rajiv Ranjan.

"At 11 pm, he had dinner and went to his room with his wife Apoorva. Soon, his mother arrived and the couple came downstairs and chatted with her. Since Rohit was inebriated, he went back to his room. After 12.30 pm, Apurva too went to the room," he further said.

Ranjan further said Apoorva, a lawyer practising in the Supreme Court, had confessed to the crime.

"Apoorva has confessed to the crime. It was not pre-planned but there was ample bitterness between the two. They were headed towards a porce. From day one, they had a turbulent and unhappy marriage. That night, they fought over Rohit drinking in the car with the female relative. She then pounced on him and strangled him," he said.

Ranjan said that the post mortem report categorically stated that Rohit died two hours after his last meal, which the police claimed was at 11 pm.

"The next day, Rohit's mother tried to get in touch with him but every time she called Apurva would tell her that since he's an insomniac, he's sleeping till late. She stayed in the room for a bit after strangling him, and then went to her room," said Ranjan.

According to police, Shekhar’s domestic help had alleged that Shukla had a fight with Shekhar over video call hours before his death.

On Monday, the SIT questioned Shukla for around 10 hours and also took the domestic help and the official to their office in Prashant Vihar, where both were questioned in separate rooms.

"During questioning, both made similar claims, telling officers that Apoorva made a video call to Rohit around 7.30 pm on April 15 while he was returning from Uttarakhand. The call was picked up by the domestic help and later given to Rohit, who was with others in the car," a senior police officer had told The Indian Express.

According to the police, Shekhar, his mother, a former officer with ND Tiwari, and his wife had gone to Uttarakhand for a few days, and returned around 10.30 pm on April 15, after which they had dinner together. Shekhar is believed to have died a few hours later. Shukla maintains that she saw Rohit between 1 am and 2 am on April 16, and then left to sleep in a separate room.

Shekhar was found dead last week. While it was initially believed to be a case of natural death, doctors from AIIMS had raised red flags, following which a case of murder was registered.