Neha Dhupia On Women Getting Trolled: 'Don't Understand How Trolls Can Abuse Someone's Wife Or Daughter And Then Go Share A Meal With Their Own Family'

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Neha Dhupia is one of the Bollywood divas who is fearless and has opinions on various topics. The actress who has been a victim of social media trolls for her professional and personal aspects has stood strong and given befitting replies to shut the trolls on several occasions. In conversation with Times of India, the actress shares how she deals with so much negativity and does being trolled affect her. Responding to it, the actress shared having the ability to attach and detach.

According to the actress; these trolls are counted as emotional abuse. She said, “I think I have the ability to attach and detach. So I deal with it in my own way, but I don't think it's right. And to a great extent, it accounts for emotional abuse and that's not right.” Especially hinting at the opposite gender who after trolling a female, go back to their families that also have females. She added further, “I don't understand how trolls can abuse someone's wife or daughter and then go share a meal with their own family.”

Neha feels women are largely targeted by trolls, fortunately now, people are more alert about getting bullied online and are taking continuous measures to lower it, “I feel like women are victims more than anyone else. I don't understand what their mindset is. According to me, to a very large extent, it is abuse, and I feel like people are now continuously taking measures against it and we need to be more forceful against trolls,” added Neha.

On the end note, though she chooses to ignore whenever she is trolled, she shared that is not the answer, Neha said, “I mean, my coping mechanism is to ignore, but honestly, that's not always the answer.” ALSO READ: Neha Dhupia Says ‘I’m Not The First Person To Speak Openly About Breastfeeding’; Speaks Her Mind On The Matter

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