Neha Kakkar Confuses Fans About Wedding with Music Album-Style Poster Featuring Rohanpreet Singh

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Rumours are rife that Neha Kakkar will soon be tying the knot with her beau Rohanpreet Singh. But her latest post on Instagram has her friends and fans confused. The singer shared a poster featuring the two of them, which is designed to look like that of a music album.

It says 'Anshul Garg Presents' on the left corner, with Desi Music Factory's logo on the right. It also says 'Neha Kakkar Weds Rohanpreet Singh', and credits the music and lyrics to Neha. The poster also features the date October 21st.

Friends and fans are confused as to whether Neha is really tying the knot or is it all a publicity gimmick to promote a new song collaboration between the two. Neha's Indian Idol co-judge commented, "Arre! Now I'm confused again! @nehakakkar @rohanpreetsingh Is this a wedding or a new song/film? Saaf saaf bataao, guys!! Kapde silvaane hain, ya download/stream/like/share karna hai!?"

Rapper Badshah commented, "Yaar badi confusion hai", while singer Vishal Mishra said, "Congratulations to both of you." Rohanpreet, a former Indian Idol contestant, added to the confusion with his comment, "I love you nehu babuuu @nehakakkar."

The singer, who released her song Diamond Da Challa in August, posted her favourite line from the song in a recent Instagram image with the hashtag #NehuDaVyah, hinting that she might be getting married soon. Commenting on Neha’s post, Rohanpreet Singh had written, “Chalo chalo karwaiye vyah Let’s get married." It led to speculation if Neha is actually planning to get married amidst the coronavirus lockdown.

In the last season of Indian Idol, there were strong hints at a romance between Neha and the show's host Aditya Narayan. But later it was revealed that it was nothing but a publicity gimmick for the show.