Neha Kakkar credits social media for her success

Rajendra Pal

Neha Kakkar, India’s leading vocal artist has a strong run in the last year. The singer is currently on a chock-a-block schedule juggling live shows, judging Indian Idol and recording songs at live studios.

The commitment that’s taking most of Neha’s time is the highest-rated television reality show. She is one of the rare female singers to have been approached to judge the show thrice in a row. Talking about the relevance of reality shows she says, “Reality shows are the best platform to bring new talent in. I’m one of them! Many of us have come from reality shows, and we can’t blame a reality show for not being successful because they give you a platform. But, after they do so, it’s you who needs to work hard and prove your talent. Luck, of course, also matters.”

Neha shot to stardom after her first video selfie cover hit the internet. Going by the traction her music gets, Neha is an incredible crowd puller and has the most diehard fans over social media. Making a steamy tryst with social media, the singer, later on, popularised TikTok with entertaining content. When asked about the role of social media she asserts,” If I talk about myself, I would give 50 % credit to social media. I started making selfie videos when nobody used to, and they got viral through social media.”

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