Neha Kakkar on Himansh Kohli: He didn't deserve me

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Neha Kakkar on Himansh Kohli: He didn

10 Feb 2019: Neha Kakkar on Himansh Kohli: He didn't deserve me

It's been a while since singer Neha Kakkar called it quits with Himansh Kohli and left her fans shocked.

They parted ways in 2018 after a whirlwind romantic period of six months.

Although Neha didn't reveal the reason behind her breakup, her cryptic Instagram posts narrated her story.

But now she finally opened up on the split and said that Himansh didn't deserve her.

Loyalty: Himansh was suspicious about Neha's loyalty

For starters, Neha-Himansh's love story won hearts after the two confessed their love for each other on Indian Idol 10 sets.

In fact, Neha also dropped major hints about her probable wedding with Himansh.

However, their relationship hit a rocky path after Himansh got suspicious about Neha's loyalty for him.

Reportedly, Himansh doubted that Neha was cheating on him which resulted in their fallout.

Complaints: Himansh always complained of not being together: Neha

Ever since Neha and Himansh broke up, there have been speculations about what made this adorable couple part ways.

Now, Neha has finally revealed the reason for calling it quits with Himansh and said that she invested her emotions in a wrong person.

Neha also claimed that she dedicated her time and energy to Himansh, but the actor kept complaining of not being together.

Depression: Breakup was a difficult phase for Neha

Breakup doesn't come easy for anyone but for Neha, it came with depression. The bubbly singer admitted slipping into depression after her split with Himansh.

She also stated that it was a difficult phase for her as she was battling with breakup and depression together.

"I dedicated all my time and energy to that person who does not deserve it," Neha told Dainik Bhaskar.

Move on: Neha has moved on from her breakup with Himansh

After Neha's revelation about suffering from depression, her fans got quite worried about her.

But much to everyone's relief, the Aankh Maarey singer has finally moved on from her 'bad relationship'.

In fact, after this painful experience, Neha is now more focused towards her work and family.

"I have realized that my family is more deserving than anybody else in my life," she added.

Statement: Neha is happy being single and isn't open to love

Neha chose to take things positively and is at peace with her 'single' status.

She also shared the benefits of being single lately. Neha said that one gets proper sleep and gets time to spend with oneself.

The diva stated that she is in a happy space now and isn't open to love to anymore.

"I'm happy to be single!" she concluded.