Nehha Pendse on marrying a divorcee: He won’t make mistakes of a rookie husband

nehha pendse husband shardul

Nehha Pendse and Shardul Bayas tied the knot on January 5. (Photo: Nehha Pendse/Instagram)

Nehha Pendse has come out strongly against those who have been talking about her husband Shardul Singh Bayas being twice divorced with two daughters. The TV actor and former Bigg Boss participant tied the knot with Shardul on January 5. But soon after the nuptial, reports began doing the rounds of her husband's past.

Nehha told the Times of India, "Why are people talking about Shardul being a divorcee? It’s not that I am a virgin either. I appreciate the fact that he took chances with women he was in love with, unlike in my case where the men disappeared just when the relationship could have culminated into marriage. At least, Shardul is not commitment-phobic."

"I salute him for his undying faith in the institution of marriage. It is easy to not believe in it after two failed marriages. That shows that he is a man of substance, unlike those who fear the idea of getting married. I also feel that if a marriage is not working out, one should end it rather than drag on," she said.

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Nehha Pendse also joked about her husband Shardul Singh Bayas' experience. "On the positive side, I think Shardul won’t make the mistakes that a rookie husband might. He knows better what works in a marriage and what doesn’t. He will know before me when we have headed in the wrong direction and will guide me through it," the actor told TOI.

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