Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer's marriage in trouble

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Los Angeles, May 5 (PTI) Celebrated author Neil Gaiman and his singer-wife Amanda Palmer have revealed that their marriage has hit a rough patch.

Palmer, who married the 59-year-old novelist in 2011, took to Twitter to reveal that they are not living together at the moment as Gaiman has moved to the UK while she is in New Zealand.

'To everyone sending me messages of support, rage and condolences - thank you. I’ve got the kid full time in lockdown and wish I could spend time answering.

'Neil moved to the UK, my heart has been broken, and i am really struggling. Your love and support means a lot to me. Thank you,' the 44-year-old singer tweeted.

Palmer later elaborated on her post by essaying a blog on Patreon, titled 'Where’s Neil? A note about what’s happening'.

She said she is alone with her four-year-old son Anthony 'Ash' in New Zealand and is feeling 'heartbroken'.

'All I can say is that I’m heartbroken, I really am profoundly struggling and I need to call my community to me like never before.‬ I need you,' Palmer wrote.

'I am so far from home and so alone right now. i do not know what is going to happen,' she added.

The singer said the coronavirus pandemic or the lockdown because of it is not the reason behind the trouble in their paradise.

'....Though the timing is comically bad; other things came to light after we got here to New Zealand,' Palmer said.

She added that she still has 'great deal of compassion' for her author husband.

'I always have and always will. I love him, deeply,' Palmer said.

Soon after, Gaiman also broke his silence about the 'rocky times' in his marriage in a post on Twitter, asking people to respect his privacy.

'I see @amandapalmer has told people that we (like much of the world) are going through rocky times right now. It is true, we are. It's really hard, and I'd like to request privacy (as I'm not going to be talking about it publicly) and kindness, for us and for Ash,' the author tweeted. PTI RB RB BK BK