Neil Gaiman apologises for breaking lockdown rules

London, May 20 (PTI) Novelist Neil Gaiman has issued an apology for breaking lockdown rules by travelling from New Zealand to his home in the island of Skye, Scotland, amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The apology came a week after he was criticised by the press as well as politicians for making the 11,000 mile-trip from New Zealand to the Isle of Skye in the Hebrides.

In an earlier post on his official blog, Gaiman said his relationship with his partner Amanda Palmer had hit a rough patch and they mutually decided that they 'needed some space'. After that he flew 'masked and gloved' to London before driving to the Scottish island.

His posted created headline news in the UK and on Monday, he wrote a new post where he revealed that he had been visited by police to discuss his movements .

'I got to chat to some local police officers yesterday, who said all things considered I should have stayed where I was safe in New Zealand, and I agreed that yes, all things considered, I should.

'Mostly they wanted to be sure I was all right, and had been isolating, and that I would keep isolating here until the lockdown ends, and to make sure I knew the rules. Like all the locals who have reached out to me, they've been astonishingly kind,' Gaiman said.

The author said he made a mistake by travelling from New Zealand and apologised directly to the people of the Scottish island.

'I want to apologise to everyone on the island for creating such a fuss. I also want to thank and apologise to the local police, who had better things to do than check up on me.  'I'm sure I've done sillier things in my life, but this is the most foolish thing I've done in quite a while,' Gaiman said. PTI RB RB RB