Who Is Neil Jesani? Inside With CFP Who Has Helped Over 6600 High Net Worth Individuals To Make the Most Out of Their Investments

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The Finance Industry is often dominated by a sales culture that has driven people to the point of madness. The prevailing confusion regarding where to spend, invest, and save is something that exists in the best of people. And why not? Handling money and its flow is, after all, not everyone’s niche. To choose a viable Certified Financial Planner who could help you with all these mind-numbing tasks plays a highly important role, as your future depends on it. And this is where the role of Neil Jesani, a leading financial planner, comes in. He has already built an impressive resume and a wildly successful firm. With attention to detail, and comprehensive knowledge about his market and customers, Jesani has become a serial entrepreneur and financial planner, servicing clients across a large international network.

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Jesani has dominated the industry for the past two decades, helping several high-networth individuals organize and manage their finances. He has built a reputation of a finance expert who helps clients in reducing taxes from High-Income profession or business with little-known to most CPAs, EAs and Accountants with IRS-approved strategies. He has built a team of CPA, EA, tax attorney, CFP and various tax strategies national experts to serve only high income clients across the country.

Jesani started as a private banker and ended up becoming one of the highly acclaimed financial planners in the country. He founded his entrepreneurial startup BeamaLife Corporation in 2007, intending to diversify his array of services and address a larger crowd, helping them with their financial concerns. And within a decade, transforming it into one of the most trusted corporations in the country.

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Where the financial world offers a variety of industry specialists, a CFP, a certified financial planner is one of the highly regarded designation in this area. Neil Jesani, a certified CFP, specializes in in-depth financial planning matters such as investments, retirement, income tax, estate tax, and insurance. Naturally, having a grasp of such technicalities makes Neil Jesani an industry expert.

Throughout his career, Jesani has helped well over 6600 high net worth individuals to make the most out of their investments. To achieve this target, Jesani made sure to deal with personal finances and sensitive decisions, thus building a client-advisor relationship that resulted in him becoming a trusted source. Needless to say, Jesani built his company around the same values consisting of a dedicated professional team that specializes in developing a customized investment plan and provides a variety of personalized client services.

What sets Jesani apart from the other financial planners is his utmost dedication to reduce substantial taxes, increase investment portfolio return with downside risk protection, almost doubling tax-free retirement income, and creating an additional inheritance for his clients. Jesani thoroughly analyzes his clients’ portfolios and creates a sustainable strategy that is best suited to them. Instead of applying a pre-set strategy, Jesani personalizes them accordingly, which helps his clients get the best returns. Not only that, Jesani even makes sure that the clients understand all the risks and benefits before implementing his strategies, keeping them in the loop.

In his diversified career, Jesani has earned numerous high-performance promotions and awards for his innovative and ethical strategies. With his offerings, Jesani has garnered national recognition as a leading financial advisor. He is recognized for his client focus, philanthropy, and overall commitment to his company and community.

In a digital age of uncertainty, Neil Jesani is not only making right investments for his clients, he’s restructuring investment strategies media that speaks for itself.