Neil Nayyar: The Master who plays 107 Musical Instruments


Playing a computer-generated music note is way easier than playing an instrument. But there is someone who can play 107 musical instruments. The very young and extremely talented Neil Nayyar. This is record-breaking. Neil started by playing an instrument when he was five and that’s when his parents realized that he is passionate about music and loves to play musical instruments. They took him to various summer camps where he learned to play few instruments. He has been trained by teachers across the world and that too through skype calls.

This doesn’t stop here. We must say he is ultra-talented as it’s not only about playing musical instruments, but he also paints well, good with martial arts and Dance. He has marked his footprint in acting too by signing a contract with Conquest Management and auditioned to perform Star-Spangled Banner on Saxophone at Sacramento Kings at Golden 1 Center, an indoor arena in downtown Sacramento, California on October 28th at the opening ceremony of the game. It is for a social cause related to Breast Health Awareness and will be witnessed by Breast Cancer survivors.

Neil says Music is something that connects him with people. This is what has helped him in achieving recognitions like the youngest person to play musical instruments by Assist World Foundation India. He is looking forward to get recognition from Guinness World Records for his exceptional Talent, recently appeared in an interview which was hosted by CBS owned Good Day Sacramento Talk show.

He is so passionate about music that he is all set to accomplish his musical dreams. Neil has signed up with a talent agency and is looking forward to grow his acting and singing career.

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