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Mira Rajput

Enjoying star status since 2015, Mira gets to address sizeable audience bodies on issues like feminism and motherhood, often makes insensitive tone-deaf remarks and gets away easily. Her presence is coveted on talk shows otherwise notorious for slandering raw talent. Invited to inaugurate charities, endorse beauty brands of repute, the girl from Delhi has done it all. We write about her fashion choices; you gorge on them. But why is Mira even relevant? One can't really enlist many of her achievements excluding being a star wife and mother of two star-kids.   

Nepotism: 10 Bollywood peeps who are "famous" for nothing

They flaunt verified blue-ticked social media accounts. Google their names at any given point and you’ll find 5 recent articles about them on lifestyle and entertainment sites. You see them posing for the camera on the red carpets of all events and keep up with every minor detail of their lives.

But, we still don’t know why we know so much about these famous personalities, when what they have they achieved is being related to or associated with a Bollywood heavyweight.

The unexplained fame of these 10 familiar faces defines the much-discussed “nepotism”.