Nepotism: This star-wife got brand deals, ramp walks and mag covers for what?

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    What accomplishments does Vogue look for people to make it to the cover page?
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    We will wait for the day when these nepotists fall from good luck. Always remember people only want these people to fall. That is the reason they crave for the news of these stars.
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    It’s same like BJP’s politicians and candidates and ministers chosen just because they are famous not for their academic credentials like Hema and her son Sunny, Anupam’s Kherr’s wife Kiron, Smirti Irani and lots of others.
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    They get those opportunities simply because someone is convinced that their face can sell the product. It is just business. No need to waste so much print space over this topic.
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    The word-waster of this article doesn't have the base knowledge that every actor, entertainer and athlete is known for doing nothing. They cannot produce one of the necessities for human life, unlike the true hero/celebrities of the world, farmers, truckers, shelter builders, clothing manufacturers, doctors and citizen guardians like police and military personnel.
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    Anti aging isn’t going to help you if you start when you’re old. You should be doing a good skincare routine to stop time there is no turning back the clock.
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    A famous guy boinks her so that’s what gives her the privilege.
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    absolutely correct ,,she famous for nothing .,,
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    There are so many star wives who don't get opportunities. It's just she is beautiful, young, perfect figure she gets opportunities. But she is too young for anti aging cream advertising. Needs to horn her acting skills. Not upto mark
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    Just because useless media is giving her too much attention for jo reason