The Neteru, a Book on Ancient Egypt, Is Spirituality, Travel and History All Mixed Into a Fun To Read Book About Life and Purpose

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Mary Olivia Bass has announced the release of her intriguing second book, The Neteru: How We All Came To Be. By highlighting links between Ancient Egypt and present-day society, Bass helps readers recognize the untapped knowledge left behind by our ancestors.

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The Neteru recounts the Egyptian story of how our world came into being and the deities who empowered mankind to grow into spiritual creatures. The teachings of this ancient civilization encourage connection with nature and all forms of life around us. Bass’s work also explains how many modern innovations and methods were first developed in Ancient Egypt.

Travel, spirituality, and history enthusiasts alike will enjoy the immersive style of The Neteru and Bass’s refreshing perspective on the ancient world. For those who are interested in the Egyptian roots of alchemical healing and shamanic work, Nicki Scully’s books are excellent companions to The Neteru.

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Furthermore, as an African American writer, Bass believes The Neteru has the potential to show young people their own power and improve the collective self-esteem of the African American community. With accessible language and passion, Bass challenges readers to consider where humans came from and what our greater purpose is on this planet. Although this is often a lifelong journey, she hopes that The Neteru will serve as a gateway to thinking critically about modern life.

The Neteru: How We All Came To Be is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. The Neteru is at once a unique travel book and a religious exploration of what Ancient Egyptian deities can teach us today. Regarding her work, Bass writes, “When we know ourselves like a tree knows its leaves and roots, we will have a world that everyone wants to live in.”

Mary Olivia Bass is the author of How To Get A Leasing Consultant Job! It’s Easy Fun and You Don’t Need a Degree! and The Neteru: How We All Came To Be. Her website is Originally from Long Island, NY but now living in Seattle, she made her career in residential property management. Bass was inspired to write after visiting Egypt and studying alchemical healing with her mentor, Nicki Scully.

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