Netflix fans, pay attention: ‘The Crown’ is trending, so are Harry and Meghan Markle!

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Netflix fans of ‘The Crown’ series, you already know that your favourite drama series is trending. However, get ready to be disappointed! There is very little chance of ‘The Crown’ showing anything related to Harry and Meghan in its next highly anticipated season! BBC has quoted an executive producer of Netflix’s highly popular series ‘The Crown’ stating that it is very unlikely that any present day events are shown in the series.

Through ‘The Crown’ series, Netflix shows the unusual behind-the-scenes narratives of the British royal family, from the year when the Queen had been crowned. Probing deeply into her personal values, challenges and choices that she is forced to make, even to the point of alienating her own sister to maintain the integrity of the Crown, the series has won the hearts of audiences worldwide.

The icing on the cake is that at the recent 26th annual SAG Awards, ‘The Crown’ clinched the award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series! Referring to her experience of working on ‘The Crown’, Helena Bonham Carter accepted the award reportedly said that she had the ‘time of her life’ while working in the series and that she was accepting the award on behalf of the rest of the team as the cast and crew were working on the next series.

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"Amazed that we got a prize on top of all the fun we had doing the series," Helena Bonham Carter had stated, while accepting the SAG Awards 2020.

For the next season of ‘The Crown’ on Netflix, the years starting from the early 80s are going to be shown. For fans, this may come as a dampener as the life of the UK royal family members have been brought to life and candidly so with this series.

Following the announcement of the awards for the highly popular Netflix series, ‘The Crown’ has been trending on Twitter.