Netflix renews Steve Carell-starrer comedy 'Space Force' for second season

Shubham Dasgupta
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Netflix renews Steve Carell-starrer comedy
Netflix renews Steve Carell-starrer comedy

16 Nov 2020: Netflix renews Steve Carell-starrer comedy 'Space Force' for second season

You see him on screen with his poker face on, you wait for him to give you the chance to laugh.

That's right.

None other than funnyman Steve Carell is getting back to comedy with Netflix's highly popular series Space Force after the streaming platform renewed the series for a second season.

Let's know what clicked in this show for Netflix.

Context: What the show is about?

For the unversed, Space Force had its foundations on US President Donald Trump's declaration of setting up the country's sixth military wing in space.

The show follows the plan of forming such a wing that is headed by a military general Mark Naird, who wanted to head an Air Force team.

It's Naird's frustration, coupled with a weird group of scientists teaming for fun.

Cast: How 'Space Force' grabbed viewers' attention

Early on, the show had teased the involvement of F.R.I.E.N.D.S alum Lisa Kudrow and had grabbed a lot of eyeballs.

It also wooed the audience with the news of Carell reuniting with his The Office showrunner Greg Daniels.

With much hype, the series premiered on May 29 this year, but didn't go down well with critics.

The sound of it: How 'Space Force' made Carell laugh

No matter how poor an impression it created on the critics, the idea stemmed from Netflix associates who had called up Carell to ask if he wanted to do a show called Space Force.

The sound of it made Carell laugh and get instantly hooked to it.

He then called up his The Office colleague Daniels, who had the same reaction and said 'yes'.

Bashing critics instead: How the audience loved it entirely

However, times seem to change with the US administration now moving over to President-elect Joe Biden's control.

This puts a question on the fate of this Space Force, which with its first season, has completed a range of missions.

The audience loved it by giving the show a 75% average score on Rotten Tomatoes, with many bashing critics for negative reviews instead.