Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ season 4: Release date, number of episodes, story plot and more!

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Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ fans, brace yourself for a late 2020 release of your favourite series! Yes, this sounds too late for die-hard fans of the series who have been waiting impatiently after watching seasons 1, 2 and 3. However, there’s more excitement packed in for season 4 and the wait is probably worth it. For all of you, here’s a handy list of facts on the story plot, the number of episodes.

Stranger Things Season 4: Number of episodes

While this has not been confirmed by the makers of ‘Stranger Things’, TVLine has reported that there will be nine episodes in Season 4. One of the episodes is likely to indicate a key character’s backstory throughout the entire season’s episodes.

Stranger Things Season 4: Story Plot

Season 4 is expected to completely reinvent itself. Wondering how? To start with, the Byers are moving out of Hawkins!

Stranger Things Season 4: Moving out of Hawkins?

However, there is one BIG announcement related to Season 4 that may have missed altogether. Curious to recall what it may be? The announcement of Season 4, Stranger Things had highlighted, "We are not in Hawkins anymore".

For viewers, ‘Hawkins’ has become a place that they now visually and emotionally associate with the Netflix series.

However, fans need not despair as most members of the group will continue to live in Hawkins. This means that there would still be scenes that are filmed in Hawkins, though the Byers family opted to move out of the city that had once been their home and the place of continuous ‘bizarre’ happenings.

Stranger Things Season 4: Filming underway in Lithuania

The next season of your favourite series is underway. The filming has begun in Lithuania, where some prison scenes are now being shot. As you recall, season 3 had ended with a prison scene and you can guess that the next season has to carry forward the continuity of the gripping narrative.