Netflix's 'The Sandman' cast revealed, time to reimagine 'The Devil'

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31 Jan 2021: Netflix's 'The Sandman' cast revealed, time to reimagine 'The Devil'

The dawn has arrived on R-rated adaptations of great comic books and Vertigo is making its debut in mainstream feature entertainment with Netflix.

Enter The Sandman.

While we appreciate the Metallica vibes, Netflix has revealed the official lead cast of its The Sandman adaptation.

Of all the actors cast, there is one significant tweak for a really important character that will leave you guessing.

Gwendoline Christie: The Devil is a woman now!

Lucifer aka The Devil in The Sandman is going to be cast as a female in this upcoming series.

Gwendoline Christie will be the ruler of hell, revealed Netflix in a tweet from its official UK & Ireland handle.

That's a diametrically opposite departure from The Devil's representation in the original comic line and even in other parent source materials like the Old Testament.

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Involvement: Neil Gaiman played God on 'Lucifer'

We have seen the Netflix series Lucifer, which is based on material from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman.

Tom Ellis plays The Satan, a male supernatural being, as per the comic and the series also has a cameo by Gaiman.

For the third season of Lucifer, Gaiman even lent the voice of God, but is his will sacrosanct when it comes to casting calls?

Consent: Gaiman approves of the cast

In October last year, Gaiman had tweeted about how fans expect creators to stick to the original script, without which there is always a risk of alienation on a "monumental scale."

He, however, approved of Christie as the new Devil and tweeted, "Casting Lucifer was a delight. I'm so very glad that @lovegwendoline is the Ruler of Hell in Sandman on @netflix."

Arrives Morpheus: The comic is about struggles of Lord of Dreams

The Sandman revolves around the struggles of Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, who was magically kept captive for 70 years and finds that his kingdom is haywire while he was away.

Therefore, Morpheus makes amends for his sins.

Keeping the tone as recent as 2020, Gaiman last year told that there will be a change of genders in the Netflix adaptation.

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