Netizens are Amazed at Another Rare Indian 'Flapshell' Yellow Turtle Found in Bengal's Burdwan

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In another rescue event, a rare yellow turtle was rescued by villagers from a pond in West Bengal on Tuesday.

The first one was spotted in Balasore district in the state of Odisha back in July. This is the second instance this year that a rare yellow turtle has been spotted in India.

The rescued rare turtle’s images were shared online by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Debashish Sharma. He posted a few images of the reptile with its bright yellow shell on Twitter and said it was found in a pond in Burdwan and rescued. The yellow shelled turtle has been identified as an Indian Flapshell species.

“Today a yellow turtle was rescued from a pond in Burdwan, WB. It's one kind of a rarely occurring Flapshell Turtle,” he wrote. In a follow-up tweet, he further attributed the turtle’s rare colouring is due to the “absence of tyrosine pigment,” and it is likely the outcome of some genetic mutation of a congenital disorder.

See the photos here:

The photos of the yellow turtle have generated quite a buzz on the microblogging site and since then have been widely shared on Twitter.

Another senior IFS officer Ramesh Pandey too shared the pictures of the turtle and was among the first to retweet and comment on the rare find.

In a tweet, Pandey said it is unclear whether it's a new species or an albino turtle. He even mentioned that this was the “second incident in the recent past when a Yellow Flapshell” was spotted. The earlier one was found in Balasore, Odisha.

Meanwhile, Twitterati were astounded with the images of the rare turtle. While many commented, calling it “beautiful”, others were impressed by its glossy shell.

Given its rare appearance, a yellow turtle is sure to leave the netizens surprised.