Here’s What Has Netizens Fawning Over Start-Up Fame Kim Seon Ho, Yet Again!

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Actor Kim Seon Ho has got famous after his role in the hugely popular drama, Start-Up. Netizens have managed to dig up the actor’s old pre-debut photos and created a buzz.

Kim Seon Ho’s graduation photos have started to circulate online and fans have shared their opinion on them. The actor can be seen with a generationally appropriate hairstyle and a smile-less facial expression.

In the next photo, the actor can be seen with the same expression. Even if it is his graduation photos from years ago, he somehow looks older in them. Blame it on the style or the hair, but Kim Seon Ho definitely seems to be aging backward.

In the next photo, it’s very clear that Kim Seon Ho’s handsome features haven’t changed much, With the same double lidded eyes and a prominent nose. Surprisingly, netizens seem to agree as they only had compliments for the actor.

Here is what fans said!!

  • “Why is his hair so pointy haha was that the hair trend back then? haha”

  • “It just looks like he lost his baby fat and started to take care of himself”

  • “I’m not even a Kim Seon Ho fan but you can tell his facial features are the same”

  • “Wow he looks the same besides the fact that he’s chubbier”

  • “Eyes, nose, mouth he looks the same…??”

  • “I’m not a fan and he looks the same to me…everyone goes look at your own graduation pictures and I’m sure you’ll have nothing to say either hahaha”

  • “He looks fine…”

  • “He just looks like he lost weight…? He has the same facial features”

  • “Wow he’s so masculine hahaha it’s nice”