Netizens Are Impressed With Bride Who Got Married Under Quarantine After Testing Positive for Covid

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A couple’s unique wedding ceremony in the face of COVID-19 as bride tests positive before the big date is winning hearts on social media.

The socially distant wedding’s photos are being widely shared online and users are all praises for the couple’s spirits and creative thinking.

Patrick Delgado and Lauren Jimenez from California, US, were to be married in late November but bride-to-be Lauren tested COVID positive just three days before the ceremony. However, the couple still went ahead with the wedding ceremony, not letting the pandemic lower their spirits despite the bride being isolated.

In the pictures shared widely on social media, the couple can be seen exchanging wedding vows holding ends of a ribbon, which they did because the couple said they wanted to feel as if they were holding hands.

The bride clad in her wedding dress sat by the window of her bedroom on the first floor while the groom stood underneath the window in the front yard with a signboard saying ‘almost married’.

Jimenez told Good Morning America, “although it’s definitely not how we envisioned our wedding day, Patrick and I were able to exchange our vows to each other’. Jimenez added that she was ‘saddened’ when she received her results, however, Patrick supported her. Patrick told KTLA,” When she tested positive, I’ll be honest it took a massive toll on her.”

The couple further explained how the pandemic had already changed their wedding plans thrice earlier, as they got engaged in May 2019 and planned a big wedding in November 2020. Despite the hurdles, the couple decided to go through with the ceremony as their marriage license was set to expire the day after their ceremony. The ceremony was held with just 10 guests in attendance, and some who watched it from their cars across the street.

Talking about the precautions, the groom told KTLA that they were cautious to wear masks everywhere throughout the ceremony.

The adorable pictures were an instant hit on social media where netizens applauded their creative thinking and high spirits despite the odds. Jessica Jackson, the wedding photographer adds, “It was the most 2020 wedding I have ever shot during COVID-19.”

Photographs posted by Jessica have garnered more than 1000 likes and been showered with love and wishes, many have been moved by their story.