Netizens Slam Dhruva Sarja & Rashmika Mandanna’s Karabuu Song From Pogaru For Glorifying Misogyny

Waiz Ahmed

The makers of the highly anticipated Sandalwood biggie, Pogaru released the first song from the film on the auspicious occasion of Shri Rama Navami (April 02). The rowdy track called Karabuu featuring the leads, Dhruva Sarja and Rashmika Mandanna has already garnered a massive 7 million-plus views in six days on Youtube.

However, the controversial song has also been at the receiving end of some severe criticism from netizens. A large section of viewers has called out the song for encouraging women harassment and its blatantly misogynistic theme. Dhruva who appears to be playing a goon in the mass entertainer is seen giving a meek mannered Rashmika a hard time in the song. Check out the song below:

Folks on social media were quick to slam the 'creative' brains of the movie for promoting archaic stereotypes of toxic masculinity and romance whilst glorifying violence against women as romance. Some of the interesting Youtube comments garnered by the song have been listed below.


Archana Linganna: Worst song I've seen in recent times. Kept wondering how the actress even considered signing this movie opposite this guy. Disgusted! Looks like, it all comes down to money!

Raghav S: Most overrated so called stars just because of their family backgrounds end up creating cringe. Shame on directors and producers the way they are showing girl in this song 😒

SANJAY hn: This song is very disappointed as a fan of druva sarjas fan 🙁

Yare Koog: This song is so cringe 😬 to watch. Directors have to make movies with some responsibility and treating girls with respect.

chaitra chaitra: Pls maintain some dignity in songs because ours is one of the traditional and cultural country...usually youths of country try to imitate the things which they look in the movie so please respect women its a humble request 🙏🙏

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