Here’s How Netizens Are SPEECHLESS With Kangana Ranaut’s Act In JudgeMentall Hai Kya!

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Everyone is going gaga over Kangana Ranaut’s performance in Judgementall Hai Kya! Here are some reviews of the same:

Judgementall Hai Kya has been gaining eyeballs since the day it was announced. The film released successfully yesterday and since then, praises are raining. Majority of the people appreciated how Kangana was at her best with this role, how Rajkummar matched the vibe really well and how the film takes you on a fun ride with its script.

On Friday morning Twitterati’s started talking relentlessly about the film which made #JudgementallHaiKya, #JudgementallHaiKyaReview and #Kangana Ranaut trend for almost all day on the top position. These people included celebrities, news websites, and Kangana’s fans. The trends became so prominent on Twitter that it was declared as a Twitter Moment in India for the day.

A lot of celebrities and industry professionals have been praising the film, here are tweets from a few of them:

Mukesh Chhabra – “Judgemental Hai Kya is a super crazy film. Kangana Ranaut is just fantastic, she manages to nail her character every single time. Rajkummar Rao is just superb. A must watch film guys.”

Fatima Sana Sheikh – “Saw Judgementall Hai Kya last night. Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao always bring some magic to the screen. Really enjoyed the journey of their characters. #Fangirl”

Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari – “There is something magical when brilliant actors dive into characters; break rules & dare to be different. Kangana Ranaut & Rajkummar Rao are a treat to watch as they unfold in #Judgementalhaikya. All my wishes”

Shobhaa De – “I am NOT being ‘Judgmental ‘. I enjoyed the twist. I enjoyed the breaking of rules. It’s a crazy movie. And Kangana was being herself in a self-revelatory role. That takes guts.”

Patralekhaa – “What a fun n a trippy ride with two of the best actors of our country #KanganaRanaut & Rajkummar Rao. Congratulations!”

Hansal Mehta – “It’s inventive, racy & quite a trip. Terrific work by lensman Pankaj Kumar. Sparkling writing by Kanika Dhillon and wonderfully directed by Prakash Kovelamudi. Rajkummar Rao is again brilliant. Kangana Ranaut is such a gifted actor and what a performance!”

Mallika Dua – “Kangana killed it yet again. She knows how to make flawed characters look human while ensuring they have the audience’s empathy, curiosity, and nerves.”

Sucharita Tyagi – “Thoroughly thoroughly THOROUGHLY enjoyed #JudgementalHaiKya. Such an honor to see @KanikaDhillon, #PrakashKovelamudi, @RajkummarRao, #KanganaRanaut work so hard at their jobs.”

Pragya Jaiswal – “Judgemental Hai Kya is mad, trippy, crazy n fun! N wat performances by Kangana Team & Rajkummar Rao. Brilliance!!”

Ram Kamal – “Judgementall Hai Kya is ‘wait for it till the last scene’, kind of a thriller. Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao totally nail it with their outstanding performance.”

Here are a few notable public reviews:

@shipradawar – “Being a founder of India’s first & leading online mental health company, Epsyclinic, I say that film #JudgementallHaiKya is one of the best films that depict empathy & acceptance for people with mental illness. Kangana is brilliant! All hue & cry waste! @Rangoli_A @teamkangana”

@pratikaswal1 – “I cannot get over #Bobby! #KanganaRanaut has outdone everyone! First time in the history of cinema you see and feel everything from a patchy and distorted point of view cuz the protagonist is ‘mental’. Watch it, you’ll get hooked! #JudgementallHaiKya @KanganaTeam @Rangoli_A”

@RanbirMakkar – “Judgemental Hai Kya depicts psychotic characters in a way they’ve never been depicted in a Hindi movie before. Kangana Ranaut lives the character of Bobby. 4/5 stars”

@MysticStardust – “Just blown over by Kangana n Raj. It’s about acceptance of differently-abled. This is a breakthrough movie for mental health and their world. What an evolution for Indian Cinema! Take a bow @KanganaTeam”

@alka_soun – “awesome movie..must watch movie #KanganaRanaut is brilliant actress :D”

@curiousreet – “The only complaint I have with this movie is why the name is not Mental Hai Kya. It will destigmatize mental illness in the most beautiful way. It gradually takes us inside the mind of a girl with a mental disorder and makes you doubt your own sanity.”

@desitomcruise – “Main likh ke deta hu this movie will be the best of 2019, best writing, best direction, such terrific actors we have @RajkummarRao and #KanganaRanaut these guys have completely change the Bollywood industry. Best Climax. Loved It.”

@AlifSeAtif – “Just watched #JudgementalHaiKya , What a brilliant movie! Take a bow Kangana Ranaut, you touched a chord somewhere. Great performances by everyone especially @RajkummarRao Loved it .”

@abhi1xx – “Just watched and honestly saying this movie is one of the best of all time. I think y’all should definitely go for it my rating 3.75/5. A must watch for quality cinema lovers.“

@SrkSaksham – “What an Act By Kangana Ranaut Don’t know why everyone’s giving (-) Reviews But Personally I love this 1 Soo Much Kangana was mind-blowing Raj was Awesome must Watch For Today’s Generation. 4/5 Congratulations EVry1”

The film, the actors, the script, the music, basically, everything about Judgementall Hai Kya is being praised and lauded for it being one-of-a-kind and exemplary. Go and witness the craziness and fun of Judgementall Hai Kya. Don’t miss it!

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