Netizens Troll Vidhu Vinod Chopra, #BoycottShikara Prevails On Twitter

Amar Singh Rathore

After Vidhu Vinod Chopra recently commented about what happened 30 years ago in our country and that did not go down well with the Twitterverse.

As soon as the trailer of Shikara which is a Vidhu Vinod Chopra film was released, it garnered rave reviews and a lot of love for raising an important issue which is unsaid in many ways. The film’s buzz was loud & clear until a recent statement made by Chopra which led to a major controversy which made people start trending #BoycottShikara on Twitter. The director said,

Shikara is an attempt to convey the message that Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits should move on. It’s like two friends, who had a little fallout and after 30 years they meet. Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits should apologise and forget what happened in the past.”

Well, these strong statements clearly did not go down well with many and they started bashing the director as well as made an urge on the social media to boycott the film. Many users did not like what he said and posted several tweets using the hashtag #BoycottShikara. Have a look at a few tweets…

Well, several films like Padmaavat, Manikarnika, Panipat, Chhapaak etc have also been boycotted in the past for different reasons. Soon after, there were a few users who also went against this boycott and supported the film’s cause over any statement and maintained that they will watch the film.

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