Someone changed the alphabet song and Twitter isn't best pleased

A new version of the alphabet song which slows down the LMNOP part hasn't gone down well with the Internet [Photo: Getty]

What child doesn’t love singing the L-M-N-O-P part of the alphabet?

Well apparently there's a new version of the classic alphabet song that was created in order to clarify the ‘L-M-N-O-P’ section of the lyrics, which kids (and adults!) typically group together, resulting in the famous ‘elemenopee.’

The new slowed-down version has been put together by a YouTube channel Dream English Kids to help children learn English when it is not their first language and though it was originally made in 2012 it has been brought to light by a comedian who took to Twitter to express his upset of the new version.

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For the most part the Internet rallied behind the original elemenopee, with many horrified by the new version.

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The debate was continued on this morning’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ where presenters Ben Shepard and Susanna Reid expressed their discomfort at the jarring of the new song.

But speaking to NYTimes, the man behind the slowed down version said he originally made the song to help children recognise each letter.

“The book said that if you can find an ABC song with a slow L-M-N-O-P, it is very helpful for young learners to recognise each letter,” he told the publication.

“As a musician and teacher, I decided to make my own version. That was about 10 years ago.”

He added that he was never trying to replace the classic version.

“I am not trying to change or make the new ABC song,” he said. “I simply made another version that I hope is helpful for children to learn the letters, and be able to pronounce them well. This is particularly helpful for students in countries where the English alphabet is not regularly used.”