From the Fantastic Four to Stan Lee to Adidas, here's the must-have Marvel merch unveiling at New York Comic Con

Those hoping that Marvel Studios will use the stage offered by New York Comic Con to announce the arrival of the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are going to have to wait a little longer. But NYCC — which runs Oct. 3-6 in the Big Apple — will feature one major reveal about Marvel’s first family: Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are all getting Funko-ized. The first name in vinyl collectibles is debuting the first-ever Fantastic Four line at the convention, which will include some classic characters beyond the original quartet.

The Fantastic Four Funko Collection (Photo: Funko)

Available in 2020, Funko’s FF offerings feature with some cool variants among the core four. For example, why just collect an ordinary Thing, when you can choose Thing in his classic fedora-and-overcoat disguise!

The Disguised Thing (Photo: Funko)

There’s also a handsome Silver Surfer Pop, which heralds the impending arrival of the Galactus figure.

Silver Surfer (Photo: Funko)

And no Fantastic Four collection would be complete without H.E.R.B.I.E., the Frank Welker-voiced robot pal who was upgraded to team member in the 1970s animated series where the Human Torch was AWOL.

Herbie (Photo: Funko)

Commissioning a Funko Fantastic Four line is a clear sign that Disney is moving quickly to incorporate Fox’s former Marvel assets back into the mothership. That’s also why you’ll see some new X-Men merchandise appearing at NYCC as well, like this ArtFX+ statue of Dark Phoenix from Kotobukiya, which captures her as she appeared in the 1992 animated series — not the recent box-office bomb.

Dark Phoenix (Photo: Kotobukiya)

“The fans have been a big part of making this year so incredible for Marvel,” Paul Gitter, SVP of Marvel Licensing, teased in a statement. “At New York Comic Con we are excited to reveal cool new collectibles, figures, and art across Avengers and Spider-Man, as well as major releases for X-Men and Fantastic Four, which we know fans have been asking for. Stay tuned for many more announcements to come.”

While we wait for more X-Men and Fantastic Four merch, here are some of the other Marvel-ous offerings you’ll see at NYCC.

Spider-Verse Figpins

Spider-Verse Figpins (Photo: CMD Collectibles)

Show off your love for all things Spider-Verse with a five-character set of FiGPins, including Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, Peter Parker and, of course, Miles Morales. The entire collection will set you back $100, but you’ll be welcomed as a hero in all corners of the ‘verse, from Earth-67 to Earth-2099.

Venom Glow in the Dark

Venom Glow in the Dark (Photo: Grey Matter Art)

Drift off to sleep (if you dare) with images of symbiotes dancing in your head courtesy of this glow in the dark piece of artwork from Godmachine. Retailing for $45, it’ll definitely be an eye-catching, and tongue-wagging, addition to your poster collection.

Stan Lee Astronaut

Stan Lee (Photo: Funko)

No matter how crazy things get in the MCU, it’s nice to know that the dearly departed Stan Lee is out there in the galaxy somewhere swapping stories with the Watchers. The Marvel icon’s hilarious Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 cameo provides the basis for this new Funko figure, which can now watch over you in the comfort of your own home.

Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Nick Fury

Nick Fury, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel (Photo: Funko)

Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson are the big-screen Captain Marvel and Nick Fury, but the characters have a comic book history that predate the 1990s. That’s the basis for this Funko trio, which includes Fury, the Mar-Vell version of Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers in her Ms. Marvel form.

Avengers Lithograph

(Photo: Marvel)

Now here’s an image that screams, “Avengers assemble!” Beloved illustrator Alex Ross created this heroic tableau, which features such classic Avengers as Captain America, Iron Man and the Vision. Signed by the artist himself, this limited-edition lithograph is selling for $325, but it’s a priceless addition to your collection.

Adidas SPEEDFACTORY AM4 Marvel 80 Vol. 1 and Marvel 80 Vol. 2

Adidas SPEEDFACTORY AM4 Marvel 80 Vol. 1 and Marvel 80 Vol. 2 (Photo: Marvel/Adidas)

Marvel Comics legend Joe Quesada designed these $150 anniversary Adidas kicks with an eye towards stability and sustainability. “Some of the true joys of my career at Marvel are all the unique opportunities that have come my way, things that I could never have anticipated being a part of,” Quesada tells Yahoo Entertainment. “Like creating two different, exclusive sneaker designs for Adidas and Foot Locker celebrating Marvel’s 80th anniversary. I had such a blast designing them and I hope Marvel and Adidas fans have as much fun wearing them.” Have fun looking for these sure-to-be-sold-out sneakers exclusively at New York’s 34th Street Foot Locker on Oct. 4 and at on Oct. 18.

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