News anchor blames Indian army for Ladakh skirmish

In the aftermath of 20 Indian soldiers and 43 Chinese troops being killed in a face-off in the Gulwan Valley in Ladakh on Monday night, a video featuring a prominent news anchor went viral on social media.

INDIA - OCTOBER 18: Sweta Singh, Anchor, Aaj Tak, New Delhi. (Photo by Kalyan Chakravorty/The The India Today Group via Getty Images)

In the clip, the 'Aaj Tak' journalist Sweta Singh put the blame of the Ladakh skirmish squarely on the Indian Army. "The opposition parties must realise that this isn't the situation which is over and you're asking questions. If you question that the Chinese troops streamed into our land and we were twiddling our thumbs, this is not a question on the government but on the army as it is responsible for patrolling the LAC, not the government," she said.

Many netizens took to Twitter to slam her for blaming the Army to save the face of the government.

In her defence, Sweta put out another tweet claiming that it was a deliberately clipped video. She posted the entire video and claimed that she wasn't raising doubts about the competence of the Army but on the conduct of the opposition during the crisis.