‘American television has the best writers’

Sayoni Sinha
India Movies Editorial

Says Karan Johar as he tells us why he chose to endorse Star World’s Packed To The Rafters’

Karan Johar's repertoire as a director of 'family' films, endorsing Packed To The Rafters was the right choice. The film maker is seen promoting the soon-to-be launched show and says that he 'Connected with each character in some level.'“The channel found a connect with my repertoire and approached me to endorse the show,” opens Karan as he sits down to chat with us. “Packed to the Rafters is the story of the Rafter family who stick together despite all obstacles they face," says Karan as he quickly summerises the plot and says why “it has tremendous connect with the Indian ethos.” In a quick chat with Yahoo!, the director tells us why he chose to endorse the show.

Excerpts from the interview:

What prompted you to take up Packed To The Rafters?

“There is a tremendous connect the show has with the Indian audience because of the ethos it has because I found it very familiar to the family structure in India. I love the show myself and I found a deep connect with the evey character of the show. Star World also has a synergy because of the recent cinema we had and the kind of youth connect we projected and the way we have presented the family in our repertoire of work. So I believe this show is immensely connective show to the Indian demographic audience.”

In the last few years, Saas-Bahu dramas have taken the centre stage. Do you think that the Indian audiences have evolved so much as to appreciate western soaps?

Star World has its own set of audience as it is an English channel with a different audience. There may be some spillover between the GEC audience and the Star World audience. Even with its affluent audience, they are still a part of Indian audience ethos and everyone will find some level of connect. No matter how educated, evolved and affluent you are, you still will be Indian at heart.

What kind of shows do you like watching?

I love watching a lot American television shows. I think the shows have some of the best writers and they are even better than their films. They have tremendous acting and writing. So I do watch a lot of American television. I rarely get a chance to watch Indian television. My mother is hugely obsessed with Indian television and every time I am with her, which is a lot, I catch up on my television viewing.

In an earlier interview, you had mentioned that 'Cinema is far more progressive than TV'. Most shows on TV are famiy shows with predictable plot. Do you think the Indian audiences have evolved enough to watch a show like Rafters?

I think television is taking very slow steps in terms of content and that is because audience demand is such but like I have said before people looking for cheesy over-sentimental viewing, this is not it but you are looking for connective identifiable television, then this is the right place.

Packed To The Rafters' will air on Star World from 4th December