‘There is no such letter’

Sayoni Sinha
Yahoo! India Movies

Mohd Rafi’s son Shahid Rafi lashes out at Lata Mangeshkar for making false claims about  an apology letter

Bollywood hasn’t heard the last of Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi’s feud. For decades, there has been much speculation about the cold war between the two legends which surfaced yet again 25 years after Rafi’s death.

In a recent interview to a Mumbai daily, Lata Mangeshkar had confessed about her ‘fiery temper’ and how she fell out with Rafisaab over royalty rights. In her confession, she had said that at a meeting attended by prominent singers and musicians, she and Rafi had a nasty fight and refused to work with each other anymore. Lata Mangeshkar stormed out and called her composers requesting them to look for another singer for her duets with Rafi. When asked about the reconciliation, she revealed that composer Jaikishan took the initiative for the patch up. According to her, Rafi gave her a written apology.

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But there’s a twist to the tale. Mohd Rafi’s son Shahid has refuted Lata Mangeshkar’s claim saying that his father never gave any written apology. ” If that is the case, let her show the letter. If the letter comes out, I am ready to issue an apology letter to lataji. But the fact is there is no such letter.”

Shahid's version of the patch-up is different from Lata Mangeshkar’s. He says after his father stopped singing with Lataji, he opted to sing with Suman Kalyanpur. At this point, Lataji started feeling insecure and approached composer Jaikishan to make peace between them. “ I expect her to apologise for these false allegations. Why this confession after after 50yrs when my father and Jaikishenji are not there to defend themselves,” he added.

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