‘You cannot say that you’ve nailed it’

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Deepika Paudukone talks about upcoming films, challenging scenes and how her directors always know best

What are the upcoming roles and what excited you about each?
My next release is ‘Desi Boyz’, which is a film is about two guys who lose their jobs during recession and what they do following that. I play a character called Radhika Avasth, some one who is born and brought up in London and is planning her dream wedding. I have known Rohit (Dhawan) for many years and the fact that he was making a young and entertaining film was enough for me to be excited about it. Then my next release is Race 2 which is a romantic thriller which I have just begun shooting for and it’s too soon to talk about it.

What are the reasons why you have accepted a certain role and what has those for refusing one?

The films that I do and don’t do depend on several things. I look at my contribution and how that contributes to the film in totality. How important is my character to a film and how it’s going to add to a film.
If you want to refuse a role, is there a tactful way of doing so without hurting anyone?
I don’t need to discuss that now. There’s a way... you have to be honest about what you feel about any project and that’s it.

As an actor, how do you think one can keep oneself excited and amused when most characters aren’t dramatically different from each other?
For me, I challenge myself to do better with every film and that itself is a challenge and that keeps me going through every film.
Could you tells us about some scenes that you’ve found very challenging in your acting career?
 The first would be my first shot with SRK in ‘Om Shanti Om’. Then, there was this emotional scene with Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) in ‘Aarakshan’ which was quite tough. Then, I have a film called ‘Cocktail’ coming up where I found almost every scene to be extremely challenging.
 Are there scenes that come naturally to you as an actor?
As an actor, you cannot say that you’ve nailed it as there are many ways of performing any given scene. So I could have many interpretations of the same scene but the one that the director finds suitable is the one that is ideal for any scene. So, I cannot say that one particular style or way is the best way to do a scene.

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