'Not looking for image makeover'

Sayoni Sinha
Yahoo! India Movies

Imran Khan on his latest release, his learning curve and why he is not looking for an image makeover
In the sequel to OUATIMD, Imran Khan plays Akshay Kumar's protege who is in love with his boss' girl. Sounds like a regular love story? Well, almost. Though the film has been trashed by the critics and the box-office results don't seem encouraging, Imran Khan role in the film has got mixed reviews.  Imran Khan, ostensibly the hero of this film, with his thin mustache and chocolate boy looks out of place as he tries to convince the audience with his 'tapoori' act. As he sits for a quick chat, here's what he has to say about this image makeover.

How is the sequel different from the first part?
It is not different at all since the film is a logical progression from the first part. The film takes off from where the first part left off-The rise of Shohaib.This film tells the story 18 years later when Shohaib is
ruling Mumbai and has a new protege Aslam. Generally, there is a belief that sequels have nothing new to offer and there is no clear progression but not in this case. Here, his past and his crimes comes back to haunt him.

You are playing a character from the 1980s in the film. How were the challenges you faced while portraying the character?
Aslam is a Dongri boy who loves watching films and his style is inspired by his favourite heroes. For the role, I watched a lot of Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff films because they were huge style icons in the’80s. I sought inspiration from Jackie Shroff as he wore ankle-high boots, leather jackets and pointed-toed shoes. You will see me with a handkerchief on my neck a la  Anil Kapoor in 'Mashaal'.

You have been associated with rom-coms, so do you think this film will change your image?
I don't know why I am only associated with rom-coms though I have done a variety of films. I have never actually thought of an image makeover when I chose to do this film.

When you select a script, what excites you as an actor?

It has to be the script. When you read it, you have a certain picture in your head. Then there are other things like whether the director is exciting or not. For me, reading the script should give me an idea whether my audience will be entertained or not. Making a film is a collaborative process where a number of people are involved to bring out what you finally see on screen.

What has been your learning curve in the industry?
I don't honestly know. Every film is a journey and I have never seen them as a planned career move. I see each film as my stepping stone and not my entire goal.

Is there any role which has stayed with you even after you have stopped shooting?
As an actor, my job is to act. I am not the director and if I have control over anything, then it is my acting.

Here's a look at Imran Khan in 'Taiyab Ali':