10 Secrets for Brides to Look Slim in One Day

Weddings are celebration times and in India celebrations are just incomplete without ghee laden ladoos and lots of other calorie packed delicacies. Added to this are the bachelor nights, friends get together and parties you throw for your friends. You cannot help filling yourself with additional calories. In the process, you are left with a bloated body, oily skin and an extremely undesirable pouch in the abdominal area.

Here are a few tips to camouflage the extra bulk and look slim and stunning on your wedding day.

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Say no to Salt

Water retention in your body can make you feel very heavy. A simple solution to avoid this problem is to keep away from salty foods for 8 to 10 hours before the ceremony. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice to flush accumulated fluids out of your body.

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Avoid a bloated stomach

Eat your food slowly and avoid carbonated drinks. Eating foods like cabbage, broccoli and legumes will also help you avoid bloating which is caused when excess air enters your digestive system.

Get the right posture

The taller you are, the slimmer you look. So, avoid looking plumper than you actually are by maintaining an upright posture by elongating your spine and holding your head high.

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You are what you feel

Nothing makes you feel better than embracing your inner beauty. Remind yourself about all the hard work that you have put in to look your best for your special day. Take pride in yourself and you will feel slimmer even if the actual workout has not been able to reduce the readings on the scales.

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Eat light before the ceremony

It is a good idea to have a good, scrumptious meal at the beginning of your day. You can then munch a light snack just before the ceremony to keep the energy up.

Relax! It is your moment

Stay calm, keep a good posture and flash your million dollar smile. Take off attention from those little pockets of flab. You can even add a dash of bronzer on your skin to get a gorgeous finish.

Keep the mini meals coming

Have small snacks at regular intervals instead of one heavy meal. This will make you feel light and energised at the same time.

New hairstyle

Discuss a new look with your hair dresser. Trying new haircuts and hairdos can remove inches from your face instantly, making you look leaner.

Dress up right

Wear smart underwear. Spandex pants hide those unwanted bumps on your body. You can also try accessories and heels to give you the illusion of height and reduced inches from the waistline.

Get some exercise on the D-day

Getting a burst of fresh air with a morning walk followed by a revitalising cup of herbal tea can be a great way to start your D-day. You will feel fresh, light and confident

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