13 Bumper Stickers To Restore Faith In Humanity

George Kennedy

Before the tweet, before the Facebook status, there was the bumper sticker. The original (and permanent) form of forcing your views and beliefs upon the world has become a multi-million dollar industry. We would have to assume that most of the money is made on ones that announce political or religious beliefs, while attempting to detract from diverging views. We are not here to discuss those bumper stickers, as they infuriate people on both side of the isle.

No, we are here to bring you 13 stickers that are doing their part to restore our faith and pride in the human race– one pun at a time. These fun methods of sharing messages started to find their way onto cars as soon as bumpers were introduced in mass-produced automobiles, starting with the Ford Model A in 1927. Early versions of this were fixed on with wire, until a silkscreen printer named Forest P. Gill used a pressure-sensitive adhesive, some time before WWII. It was then that the bumper sticker took off, and became part of our motoring identity, for better or worse. Here are examples of the former…

Let’s start out with some tech humor:

01-Bumper Sticker

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Now, not everyone speeds, but everyone does poop:

02-Bumper Sticker

Braking for hot dogs is crazy-talk, but when bacon enters the mix? Different story…

03-Bumper Sticker

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See, even dyslexia can be funny (and a callback to poo!)…

04-Bumper Sticker

Going green is going green, right?

05-Bumper Sticker

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You get it? Because they are not supposed to drive!

06-Bumper Sticker

A foreign policy that we can all get behind…

07-Bumper Sticker

We’re generally staying out of religion here, but this was rather clever…

08-Bumper Sticker

Nothing like some good old-fashioned physics humor…

09-Bumper Sticker

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I feel that I would go better with BBQ sauce, but we get the idea…

10-Bumper Sticker

Generally solid life advice…

11-Bumper Sticker

This message is supported by the Lovercraft Party…

12-Bumper Sticker

I believe it was Nietzsche, who first asked…

13-Bumper Sticker

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