2,005HP Lamborghini Gallardo Runs 21.852s Mile [video]

George Kennedy

If you were to ask the fictional Dominic Toretto (of Fast and Furious fame), he would probably tell you quarter-mile times are the ultimate test of a car’s mettle. But if a car cannot sustain and build on that speed for an entire mile, it may be time to get out of the way and let the big boys play.

And by big boys, we mean this twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. Putting out an absurd 2,005 horsepower (not a typo), it just set a world record for covering the distance of a mile. Sort of.

The UNLIM500+ is a stupendous drag racing event, where rich playboys and tuning teams bring down their heavily modified supercars to compete in the ultimate straight-line battle. Entrants include 1,700-hp Nissan GT-Rs and all manner of Corvettes and Porsche 911s. The participant that garnered the most attention, however, is this Lambo from Underground Racing. Check out these mile-long drag runs…

According to the data recorders present, the Gallardo pulled a mile time of 21.852 seconds, and a top speed of 263 mph. The poster of this video noted that the speed of the vehicle was measured by the ECU (Engine Control Unit), which is not as accurate as data recorders that one would typically use to measure a world record. As such, these numbers are unofficial, but that doesn’t mean this custom Gallardo is any less bonkers.

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